Action Extension

Entangler supports the Action Extension mechanism introduced in iOS 8 through Action Entanglements. Once you’ve configured an Action Entanglement, you can use it from any other app which supports Action Extensions. In most apps, the action extension is accessible via a System Action button, which looks like this:


For example, in Mobile Safari on the iPhone, this button can be found at the center of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Tapping this button will bring up the system action sheet:


Scroll all of the way to the right of the bottom row of icons and tap the More icon.


A list of Activities will appear. Find Entangler and switch it on. You can also rearrange the items in this list, which will affect the order they appear in on the system action sheet.


Tapping the Done button will return you to the system action sheet, now with the Entangler extension available.


Tapping the Entangler button will bring up a list of the Action Entanglements you’ve set up in Entangler. Tap on whichever one you choose and the action will be triggered on your Mac. If your Entanglement includes the Selected Data shortcut in any of its arguments, it will be replaced with whatever data the app you are using supplies. For example, in the case of Mobile Safari, it will be the URL of the page you are viewing.