Stuck on “Establishing Entanglement”

There is an issue in the current version of Entangler where the iOS app will not move passed the “Establishing Entanglement” screen until you’ve added at least one action to at least one Mac. To work around this, go ahead and add an action to Entangler on your Mac (either add one of your own, or check out the Entangler Action Gallery for some examples). A few moments after installing the action, the “Establishing Entanglements” pop up should disappear on your iOS device. If it doesn’t, there are a couple things to try:

– On your iOS device, pull down on the screen (outside of the Establishing Entanglements popup) until the refresh indicator appears and starts spinning.

– If that doesn’t work, you may need to force quit the iOS Entangler app then launch it again. To do this, double press the home button on your iOS device then, in the screen which appears, swipe the Entangler screen up and off the screen. Double press the home button again, then launch Entangler.

I’m very sorry for this problem, we’re working hard to resolve it ASAP.